step one

Most drums require that only the bottom heads be removed on snare drums. The goal is to have just the shell left with no Hardware.

Marching tenors are installed just like the snares and basses but will require a few more steps. All of the heads will need to be removed.

step two

Remove any hardware attached to the shell. Badges and air holes do not have to be removed but will need to be cut around. Another option is to remove the badge and wrap over where the badge would have been.


This is personal preference. Some customers choose not to have the badge shown. Badges and air holes are easily removed, but prove to be more difficult to re-install.

step three

Adhere one end of the wrap to the shell, while smoothing around the shell cut out the air holes/badge and attach the other end.

When wrapping the tenors place the wraps approximately 1/2 inch from the top of the shell. Once the wrap is installed trim the bottom of the wrap with a pair of scissors (not includes). Simply use the bottom of the tenor shell as a guide for a perfect trim every time.

step four

Cut holes to allow for hardware screws and

re-install the heads.

Note: It is only necessary to cut the holes that correspond to the screws that hold on the hardware, not for the hardware itself. Ideally, you want the wrap to extend under the hardware.

The installation process keeps water from seeping into your cuts, helps to prevent the wrap from catching obstacles and ripping, and ensures a seamless look!

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